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Research Essay: Balancing Research & Original Input

September 24 2012 , Written by Mel Published on #reference and education

Some courseworks carry a name that is assertive of one singular function. As a result, students precede producing an imbalance of sorts in courseworks -- say for example, the research essay.

This coursework heavily reinforces the ‘research’ part. Students then toss the pen and go for the library or the archives and hunt for the apt research material. They continuously scroll down the search results and download lots of massive data bodies.

Next step is to read these procured materials. And the rest of the process is already marked – putting those research findings in paper and adding a few personal insights. That’s it. That’s the student’s research essay.

Evidently, they miss the whole point of the assignment: to enable students to establish their feet with the research language and develop an inclination to converse using that language. In other words, the essays is not all about ‘research;’ it’s all about the students too – how they interact or express their receptivity to research materials.

Considering that it’s never too late to reform from this erroneous nature, students should consider doing the research essay the right way – that is more research and more personal input. Provided below are effective start-ups for ‘rehab-students:’

i. Students must not just spend time for research; they should spend the same with actually processing the researched material.

ii. Students must practice the extension of their personal input. They may initiate with initial insights and start from there, enhancing more of these and shaping their perspectives.

iii. Students may sequester aide by having their essay read, and be asked: ‘what does it lack?’ Attempting to address this question’s answer will inevitably pave the development of more personal inputs (to which students have to toil for).

iv. Students must comfortably indulge themselves in learning the research terminologies. This is absolutely about showcasing students’ proficiency in planting ‘big’ words in courseworks; instead, it is about learning to integrate this words in the student’s own usage.

It is just a shame to make courseworks and not get anything from it. Hence, students should put the right emphasis in every endeavoured coursework.

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